The Perfect Crochet = Oxymoron?

There is always some imperfection in each crochet. That is what makes them unique. A machine can knit, but no machine can crochet. – Grandma Jean

My mom tells me this time and time again. She told it to me the very first day she sat down with me to teach me. I didn’t believe her. I humored her and shook my head in understanding knowing full well that anything I was going to make had to be made right according to the pattern and essentially be…perfect. Since then I have changed my tune. She is absolutely right (as ALL moms are!).

1508040_10152286252647497_50971933_n Case-in-point, here is the very first hat I made. I made it for my daughter who was so excited to watch me create this for her. Okay so it is on the wrong-side (but that’s okay!), but the other day I was putting it on her and I thought I saw a hole in it! Examining it to see how to repair it I realized it was not a hole, well it was, but it was the result of me skipping a stitch on accident. She wore that hat for a whole season before I even noticed it! Now this perfect imperfection was the result of the crocheter, but other imperfections can arise based on the hook or yarn too.

I have learned to accept these facts and let each piece just be. No matter how many times I make a pattern it will never be the same. There is beauty in that don’t you think?

My Hook: The perfect crochet is an oxymoron. Each crochet is essentially imperfect, but THAT is what makes them unique.


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