Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

I keep seeing yarn winders popping up everywhere along with stylish yarn bowls. I wanted to share with you the one-of-a-kind bowl that I have. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and…it was made by my dad. He has been working with wood for some time and I was humbled to receive this a few months ago when it was evident that I was just as “hooked” as my mom is to crocheting and yarn. He is a man of very little words, but I knew that this gift meant that he thought that I had a gift. It was a definite boost to my self-esteem as a crocheter.

Now I just need a winder to be able to utilize this to it fullest potential!

I also have a handmade wooden snippet bowl made by my dad. Cutest little bowl I have ever seen! Weaving in ends is my least favorite part and this is a great item to have to throw my scraps in and not make a mess.


Wooden Snippet Bowl


Handmade Snippet Bowl


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