WIP: Winter 2015 Mini CAL with Moogly – Madly In Love Infinity Scarf


Here is my WIP (Work in Progress) for the Winter 2015 Mini CAL with Moogly. Both parts have been released and can be found here. You can make either a cowl or infinity scarf. I am going to take the plunge and make the longer scarf.

Part 1 is almost all puff stitch which is a super fun stitch! If you need to learn the stitch she has videos for Right-handed or Left-handed crochet (AWESOME!). You will find some variations of the puff stitch online. It is essentially working partial half-double crochets into one stitch. For this pattern you work 3 partial HDC  and end with 7 loops on your hook before you yarn over and pull through.

For the longer infinity scarf, part 1 is 65″. This is taking me some time! I think that I will need 130 rows which puts me at ~100 more to go…I am determined though. The stitch and yarn is new to me so it has taken some practice to get my groove. I am moving along with it and hope to be able to post with the week my completion on Part 1 and movement onto Part 2. It is super cold right now here so I actually NEED a nice warm scarf!



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