Bunny Ear Baby Teether


So Easter weekend I gave myself a break from the Mystery CAL (even though it could put me behind ahead) and made a few gifts for my 5 month old niece. Both patterns are from One Dog Woof. The first was this adorable bunny ear teether. You can find the FREE pattern here.

I used some scrapes of I Love This Cotton™ yarn that I had. I chose a cotton yarn because it is softer and easier on baby’s mouth. This was so quick and easy to whip up. Using a lark’s head knot to attach the ears to the ring along for easy removal and cleaning.

Here is what it looks like unattached:


My only delay was I could not find the wooden rings at the store I was at. My mom came to the rescue and brought some 2″ rings on Easter Sunday. I would recommend at least using the 2.5″ rings she suggests on the blog. It was a little tough to pull the ears through, but my niece didn’t seem to mind!



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