Crafty Hair Bow Holder


For those of you with daughters you know that the hair bow/accessory situation can get out oh hand. Ours were consuming a drawer and becoming tangled and pretty much unmanageable. Here is an attractive and organized solution that will not only display these pretty bows but can teach your daughter some gross motor skills as well!


  • 1 x wooden picture frame, any size, no back or glass needed (You can find these at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I used a 9 x 12)
  • various ribbons (Get creative with color, size and texture. This would also be a good use of scraps!)
  • Staple gun
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


1. Measure and cut the ribbons so they are about 1-2 inches longer than the frame.

2. Turn the frame over so the front is facing away and place on a sturdy surface.

3. With the ruler, measure every 1-2 inches and mark the top and bottom of the frame where the ribbons will be attached. My frame had a nice lip to keep them tight and away from the wall when it is hung. These will be your guides for the next step.

3. With the staple gun, staple the ends of each ribbon to the back of the frame, using your marks as a guide. Try and keep the ribbon as tight as possible. They will get stretched out with use.


4. Trim the ends of the ribbons.

5. Hang on wall. I stapled a 2.5 inch ribbon as a hanger and used a stylish hook on the wall.







Valentine’s Day Garland – Button Ruffle Hearts

Did you print or download the Button Ruffled Hearts pattern? You can find it here.

Craftsy: Button Ruffled Hearts

wpid-2015-02-07-20.26.04.jpg.jpegIf you did, what did you do with yours? I made a Valentine’s Day garland for our mantle.

Here is what I did:

  • I chose 2-3 different colors (I used I Love This Yarn in Old Rose and Rosy Cheeks for the heart and Off White for the ruffle).
  • I made 12 hearts total:
    • 2 x small plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x small ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x medium plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x medium ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x large plain heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
    • 2 x large ruffled heart (1 – Old Rose; 1 – Rosy Cheeks)
  • Put them in the order you would like to “string” them.
  • With an alternate color (I used off white), CH 20.
  • Depending on the size of the heart, sl st and chain to attach the back of each heart to the garland
    • Small: sl st to post of DC, CH 1, sl sl to post of DC
    • Medium: *sl st to post of DC, CH 1*, repeat, sl st to post of DC
    • Large: *sl st to post of DC, CH 1*, repeat twice, sl st to post of DC
  • CH 20
  • Fasten off.


I would love to see your finished projects! Please share your pictures on my Facebook page:

The Beginning…

Beginner washcloth

Beginner washcloth

This is the very first project I made when I started crocheting. It is a washcloth, right? As you can see it is not great, but this is a great starter project for any beginner. It goes through the major stitches you encounter in patterns: sc (single crochet), hdc (half-double crochet), dc (double crochet), tc (treble crochet). It also steps you through the basics of counting, edging, finishing off your piece and weaving in the ends. With this first piece my edging had too many stitches. Notice how it curls? There is the potential in this piece though…my stitches are consistent and that is what you want to be able to accomplish in the beginning.

I am currently trying to track down the book that I used for this for those that are interested in learning how to crochet. I actually have passed it on to my niece because she was learning how to sew and I thought this would be neat for her to learn too.

Here are a couple of other good books:

How to Crochet:  A Complete Guide for Beginners (Amazon)

A to Z of Crochet (Amazon)