Ranch Party Dip

This is my friend Amy’s recipe for party dip. I make this at every party we have. It goes great with veggies and of course chips and pretzels.

It is simple. It is delicious. It is healthy. It is addictive. It is COTTAGE CHEESE! (Please keep reading. I promise I will not disappoint you.)



1 x 16 oz –  1% low-fat cottage cheese (I use the small curd, but I guess in the end it will not matter)

1 packet ranch dip seasoning

1/4 teaspoon minced garlic

ground pepper to taste (I usually shake around the processor twice)

mini food processor



1. Add ranch dip packet, minced garlic and pepper to mini food processor.

2. Add cottage cheese.

3. Blend.

Yes, that is all. Enjoy!


  • I add the cottage cheese last. It mixes smoother and faster.
  • If you do not like how thick the dip is try using the ranch dressing packet instead.
  • The garlic and pepper do not have to be exact. I suggest using that the first few times you make this. After that approximations are fine. I do not measure them anymore. I find this adds a uniqueness to the dip. It is never the same twice!

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