My name is Teresa. I am a wife to my best friend and soul mate and a mother of two beautiful children. By day, I am an computer analyst at one of our local hospitals, but my passion is for simple and easy crafts of all kinds! A craft does not have to always be made of paper and glue and covered in glitter (trust me, glitter has its place!). I have always loved experimenting with recipes, but they had to be simple and ultimately delicious. I enjoy adding my own touch to make it my own. When I became pregnant with my son, my mother sat with me for about an hour (yes, only an hour) to show me the basics of crochet. Over the next several months, she was bombarded with pictures of booties, hats and baby blankets. I found my true calling! I also so some crafting especially if I can get my kids involved or do it on the cheap! Again I found simple and easy ways to make amazing items for my kids.

I am very excited to share what I have created and learned along the way. So follow me! I am hooked and I hope you get “hooked” too!