New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Adult and Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat - Toddler

New York Giants Football Helmet Hat – Toddler

With football season almost over, I wanted to share these hats that I made for my husband and son. You can find the pattern here. The pattern is written for an Ohio State hat and as you can see I made a few modifications for my boys. We are New York Giants fans in this house!

I used I Love This Yarn™ in White and Royal (blue) and Red Heart With Love™ in Holly Berry. This was the first time I had to sew on a piece like this. I recommend pinning your stripe prior to sewing.

My Hook: I used one color throughout and only changed my color for the trim. For the stripe I again did one color and only 3 rows (sc, dc, sc).


Happy Hat Day!

10269473_10152949002952497_4489050346759989722_nToday, January 15th, is National Hat Day or for crocheters it is National “Homemade” Hat Day! Here are my two reasons for EVERYTHING I do and every breath I take in their Christmas presents from this year (future posts don’t worry!). My oldest loves telling everyone that Mommy made her hat.

Happy “Homemade” Hat Day everybody!