Men’s Loafer Slippers for Women

Men's Loafer Slipper for Women (size 6/7)

Men’s Loafer Slipper for Women (size 6/7)

Ever since I learned to crochet my husband has asked for slippers. His comment with each project was “What are you making? Slippers for me?”.  The answer each time was “No.” So I knew when Christmas came around this year the perfect gift for him was some crocheted slippers! I found an awesome pattern by TwoGirlsPatterns here. While it is not a free pattern it is totally worth it. It is one base pattern that can be made into four different loafers and comes in three different sizes! They also make a pattern for little ones which I also purchased. Christmas was a little crazy for this mom. I had multiple projects going on at once and was in a race against time to finish everything. This year I will be planning my gifts out and starting in August!

Upon completing these loafers I knew right away that they were going to be too small even after they relaxed a bit. I reviewed the pattern again and noticed that I used the wrong size hook! They were indeed too small for my husband, but they fit me perfectly. They are super comfy and super cute.

My Hook: I figured out women’s sizing on a men’s loafer pattern. I dropped my hook size down (on a happy accident!). I followed the size 10/11 pattern size, but used an I (5.5mm) hook instead of the J (6.0 mm) hook the pattern called for. This gave me an end product equivalent to a women’s size 6/7.