Rolled-Cuff Baby Bootie: Right-Side vs. “Wrong-Side”

Rolled-cuff baby bootie using the wrong-side.

Rolled-cuff baby bootie using the wrong-side.

When you are crocheting there is always a right-side and “wrong-side” to your work. I put the quotations because I am not really crazy about labeling something as “wrong”. If you wish to use that side as your finished side of your work that is absolutely fine.

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Here is an example:

I made these rolled-cuff baby booties for my son when I was still pregnant with him. It was maybe the fourth or fifth project I did.The sole of the bootie is the “wrong-side”.

An easy way to determine the “wrong-side” is finding the side with lines (red arrows). The cuff, after it was rolled, was the right-side (no lines). At the time I didn’t really understand the difference. I thought that they looked better this way than turned inside out.

So how would I make these booties so that the sole and cuff are the same side? If I wanted, I could turn my work at the start of the cuff which on this pattern would be at the start of row 8. This would also be the point that I would change colors as I did with these.

The bottom line?  It was the “wrong-side” and that’s okay!

I found this pattern on here.

My Hook: As explained above, I used the wrong-side of my work as the finished side. I added a few more rows. I went to 15 rows. I also finished these with a button on the outside of each bootie.